The objective of Graphite One’s Community Relations Program is to foster relations with the local communities through regular, open dialogue and information sharing to ensure that all stakeholders have a voice in the Project’s planning, exploration and development phases.  To date, the program has focused on building the Company’s relationship with the Inupiaq communities closest to the Property (Teller, Brevig Mission and Mary’s Igloo) as well as the City of Nome. There is a high level of interest in the Project and the possibility that it could bring economic and employment benefits to the region. There are also concerns that the Project might disrupt the region’s subsistence way of life. 

Since 2014, Graphite One has held numerous meetings with residents of the communities of Teller, Brevig Mission, Mary’s Igloo and the City of Nome.  Each governing entity within these communities has been included in these meetings.  In addition, meetings have been regularly held with regional organizations and governing bodies such as Kawerak, Inc. and Bering Straits Native Corporation.

In meetings held to date, Graphite One has described the exploration program, generally introduced the Project and answered questions from the participants. The company is assisting the Inupiaq communities in establishing Subsistence Advisory Councils to, among other things, advise the Company on matters related to the Alaskan Natives’ hunting and gathering issues.

As the Company now progresses beyond the Project’s PEA to its feasibility study, Graphite One will continue to consult with each of the communities, explain the Project with advancing detail and respond to questions from community members.  Uqaqti Consulting, LLC from Fairbanks, AK assists Graphite One in coordinating its Community Relations Program. Uqaqti’s principal consultant is an Alaskan Native, has lived in remote villages for fifteen years and has a comprehensive understanding of Alaskan Native social, economic, political and cultural issues.

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