Environmental Program

Graphite One is conducting and planning to conduct a number of baseline studies to examine the potential impact of the Project on the environment and on land and water use by Alaska Native communities. These studies and their status are summarized in Table 1-5.

Table 4: Graphite One baseline environment studies and current execution status

Baseline Environmental Study Status
Hydrology and Water Quality Sampling of streams on Graphite Creek Property- 2014, 2015, 2016
Additional studies planned
Wetlands Desktop completed. Additional studies planned
Aquatic Life and Fisheries Initial desktop and field surveys completed in 2014.  Anadromous species in Cobblestone River.  No fish species documented in Graphite Creek, Ptarmigan Creek, Ruby Creek, Trail Creek. 
Additional aquatic life and fisheries studies planned
Metal Leaching and Acid Base Accounting Acid leach studies of different rock types and mineralogies - Planned
Archeology Planned
Hydrogeology Planned
Meteorology, Air Quality Planned
Noise and Visual Impacts Planned
Wildlife Planned

Graphite One conducts mineral exploration under the State of Alaska Annual Hardrock Exploration (AHEA) Permit.  The AHEA covers drilling activities, water usage, temporary camps and small land disturbances.  In addition, GPH participates in the BLM and State reclamation bonding pools.  Many state and federal permits will be required to conduct mining operations at the Property. A full list will not be determined until after a Feasibility Study has been conducted and a Plan of Operations has been developed.  Absent that plan, Graphite One has provisionally identified ten federal and twenty-four state permits/certificates that could be required to undertake mining on the Graphite Creek Property.

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