The Property’s graphite deposits consist of segregations of semi-massive to massive graphite and graphite disseminations that are hosted in schistose rocks within the lower granulite facies portion of the Kigluaik Group. Based on surface exposures and workings, the deposits strike in a north easterly direction adjacent to the high angle, strike-slip Kigluaik Fault. Graphite zones within the schistose rocks occur as: 1) massive resistant graphite segregations in sillimanite-garnet-biotite quartz schist; 2) flaky graphitic sillimanite-garnet-biotite-quartz schist consisting of 15-55% large graphite flakes; and 3) graphitic biotite-quartz schist containing 1-10% disseminated graphite.   Historical sampling show that the sillimanite-garnet-biotite-quartz schist has massive ‘high grade’ graphite segregations that can yield up to 60% graphite, while the biotite-quartz schist contains 2% to 6% disseminated graphite.

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