The Company maintains a rigorous QA/QC program with respect to the preparation, shipping, analysis and checking of all samples and data from the Property.  Quality control for the Project’s drill programs applies to the complete chain of custody of samples and includes verification of drill hole locations (collar surveys and down-hole directional surveys), core handling procedures (logging, sampling, sample shipping), analytical-related work including duplicate sampling, "check analyses" at other laboratories, and the insertion of standard and blank materials.  The QA/QC program also includes data verification procedures.

Sample preparation and analysis for the Project is done by ISO/IEC 17025 accredited Activation Laboratories Ltd. of Ancaster, Ontario, Canada (“ACL”).  All samples are assayed for graphitic carbon (“Cg”).  The technique used for determining Cg is by LECO whereby the pulp is either digested with hydrochloric and perchloric acids, or subjected to a multistage furnace treatment to remove all forms of carbon with the exception of Cg.

As part of the comprehensive QA/QC program, one blank is inserted into the assay stream for every 10 core samples submitted.  Blanks are inserted directly after highly mineralized samples to test for contamination during the preparation.  Three separate blank materials are used.  Duplicate samples include ¼ drill core splits and were submitted as two separate samples with consecutive sample numbers.  One duplicate sample was inserted for every 20 samples.  Three commercially available graphite standards were utilized in the sample stream with one inserted for each 10 cores.  These standards are an additional check on the internal standards utilized by ACL.

ACL uses standard quality assurance and control policies in all aspects of its laboratory operations.  The programs were developed from guidelines published by the International Standards Organization (“ISO”) commonly referred to as ISO\IEC17025 Guidelines.  ACL uses 5 different masses of EDTA as well as 99.9% pure graphite as internal quality control.  These are used at a 10% frequency.  ACL also uses a 10% sample duplicate frequency.

Drill hole sample rejects are routinely sent to ISO/IEC 17025 accredited SGS Lakefield and/or ACME Analytical Laboratories Ltd. for check analyses.

Quality control is carried out by the Company’s employees under the supervision of David Hembree, P.Geo., General Manager Operations.   Mr. Hembree is a Qualified Person as described by NI 43-101 and has reviewed the scientific and technical information disclosed on this website.

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