Product Manufacturing Plant

The PEA assumes that the Manufacturing Plant is located in Washington State to take advantage of low cost hydro electric power ($0.04/kWh).  The Project as outlined in the PEA assumes that the Manufacturing Plant receives 60,000 tonnes per year of 95% Cg concentrate in 20-foot containers barged from the Port of Nome during the shipping season.  The concentrate would then be pelletized and thermally purified to at least 99.95% Cg in high temperature electric furnaces with a nitrogen atmosphere.  Once purified, the graphite would be air milled and turned into spheroidal shaped particles in 11 spheronizing machines.  The resulting spherical graphite is then coated with a carbon pitch and heated in 4 carbonization furnaces to graphitize the coating.  The finished CSG (41,850 tonnes per year) is then bagged and shipped.  Purified graphite powder that is recovered in the process (13,500 tonnes per year) would also be bagged and shipped.

Criteria relevant to deciding the location of the Manufacturing Plant include power cost and supply, availability of industrial zoned land, proximity to tidewater and port facilities, and infrastructure that supports both the workforce and delivery logistics for input materials, services and finished products.  The Company is working with AIDEA to identify qualified sites in Alaska.  AIDEA has identified four potential sites.

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