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Company Profile

A U.S.-based Supply Chain Solution to Meet the Tech Sectors’ Rising Graphite Demand

Graphite One Inc. [TSX-V: GPH | OTCQX: GPHOF] (the “Company”) continues to develop its Graphite One Project (the “Project”) to become an American producer of high-grade anode materials that is integrated with a domestic graphite resource.  The Project is proposed as a vertically integrated enterprise to mine, process and manufacture anode materials primarily for the lithium‐ion electric vehicle battery market.  As set forth in the Company’s 2022 Pre-Feasibility Study, graphite mineralization mined from the Company’s Graphite Creek Property, situated on the Seward Peninsula about sixty (60) kilometers north of Nome, Alaska, would be processed into concentrate at an adjacent processing plant.  Natural and artificial graphite anode materials and other value‐added graphite products would be manufactured from the concentrate and other materials at the Company’s proposed advanced graphite materials manufacturing facility to be located in the contiguous United States.

Graphite One (Alaska) Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company, holds the Property and is developing the Project in Alaska.

The Property’s graphite mineralization has been discovered to be exceptionally unique and distinct from other known graphite materials because it naturally exhibits the morphological characteristics of an already processed material.  To highlight these unique properties, the Company has branded Graphite Creek graphite as “STAX GRAPHITE” and designated it as “S,” as in Spheroidal; “T” as in Thin; “A”as in Aggregate; and “X” as in eXpanded. The Company registered the Trademark “STAX®” in the United States and Canada in association with Graphite Creek graphite.

In the Community

Fostering Meaningful Partnerships With Surrounding Communities to Advance Shared Goals.

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The G1 Creed

Respect. Engage. Deliver.

At Graphite One, we believe that our efforts to responsibly develop the critical minerals underpinning the 21st Century technology can positively impact the communities where our company operates in.

We are committed to early and ongoing community engagement, best practices in environmental stewardship, a strong health & safety culture, and delivering solutions for a better, more sustainable future for all.

Community Engagement
Environmental Stewardship
Health & Safety Culture
Creating Opportunity

To ensure that all stakeholders have a voice in the Project’s planning, exploration and development phases, we engage in two-way communication and ongoing information sharing with the communities surrounding us. To provide a channel for that engagement, we worked with the Iñupiaq communities to create a Subsistence Advisory Council to provide guidance and advise our Project team on key issues.

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Harnessing advanced sustainable resource development technologies, we aim keep our footprint at a minimum and protect and support biodiversity around our Project site.

To ensure that our Project meets or exceeds all regulatory standards with regards to impacts on the environment, including the fish, plants and game, and air, land and water upon which surrounding Iñupiaq communities depend, environmental baseline studies have been ongoing since 2014.

We acknowledge that strong safety and health standards and their rigorous enforcement are of critical importance in today’s workplace.

We work to harness graphite’s value in the technologies transforming our world, seeking to advance shared interests and create opportunities for local community members and businesses, offering much-needed year-round high paying jobs and strengthening the village economies.

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In our efforts to deliver 21st Century advanced materials solutions, our business practices are guided by the principles of transparency, accountability and integrity. These principles are reflected in the composition of our Board of Directors and its code of conduct, and our stakeholder engagement.

Management & Directors

Our Team

Graphite One Inc. is led by a team of individuals who have achieved outstanding results in their careers. Their combined knowledge and experience demonstrates proven business strategies as well as expertise in exploring, developing and operating mining properties – including:

  • Extensive experience in mineral exploration, development and production
  • Strong corporate backgrounds
  • Management of major exploration, development and operating programs with significant budgets
  • Financing of over $250 million (collectively) for various resource companies